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Linear Brake

The Ortlinghaus linear brake is designed as a holding brake and braking device for linear motor drives.


This brake system will support and/or reinforce the holding force of a linear motor. When power is removed from the brake the brake will automatically engage via springs and maintain its current holding position in a backlash-free manner. In the case of an emergency stop the brake system will also act as a dynamic brake.

Design principle for Linear Brakes

The linear brake system consists of one or more brake module(s), which are connected to the drive group (carriage, table) that moves, and one or more steel band(s), which are held at both ends under tension in brackets supplied by Ortlinghaus .

The band(s) are aligned parallel to the direction of movement of the drive. The band forms the frictional surfaces against which the friction linings of the brake module act upon. The force with which the friction linings press against the band to generate the frictional connection between band and brake module is spring applied and either electrically, pneumatically, or hydraulically released. A number of brake modules can be arranged one behind the other to act on one band. The standard brackets holding the band are designed for several brake modules per band. The brackets are mounted on the base plate of the linear drive or on the machine frame and serve at the same time for the aligning and pre-tensioning of the band.

The Ortlinghaus linear fail-safe brake system offers you the following advantages:

  • Simple adapting of the braking forces required for the particular linear drive by varying the number of brake modules acting on one brake band and by having a number of brake bands mounted in parallel.
  • Ease of installation by enabling the brake band to be cut to different lengths for various guides or stroke lengths.
  • Ability to mount the brake module in different ways with its slewable straps.
  • The brake band can be fitted between motor and guide rail without the overall width of the drive having to be changed.
  • The modularity of the system provides high flexibility enabling it to be adapted to different applications by adding just a few components. This will reduce your need to purchase and stock a wide variety of brake systems.
To receive a quotation for an Ortlinghaus Linear Brake please fill out the Linear Brake Survey Sheet . For further information concerning technical data, dimensions and required data for dimensioning please contact Orttech at 440-498-7458 or info@orttech.com